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Fairs & Festivals

Fairs & Festivals


Festivals in India are a unique way of explaining and understanding India’s vast culture heritage it is known for. It not only gives a sneak peek into the diversity India holds as a country, but also offer a novel way of fun, celebration and having a good time! Attracting thousands of tourists from across the world every year other than the local tourists, these festivals take you to a land which you’ve never seen before and splash you with vibrancy you’ve never experienced before.

Glide on to fairs and festival themed tour to get the best out of cultural diversity India offers, all the while making merry!


Rajasthan, Gujarat, Ladakh, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh


Pushkar Fair (Rajasthan)
Hornbill Festival (Arunachal Pradesh)
Elephant Fair (Rajasthan)
Desert Festival (Rajasthan)
Hemis Festival (Ladakh)
Khajuraho Dance Festival (Madhya Pradesh)
Goa Carnival Festival (Goa)
Pongal (Tamil Nadu)
Onam (Kerala)
National Kite Festival (Gujarat)
Holi (North India)
Durga Puja (West Bengal)
Float Festival (Tamil Nadu)

Entertainment and Nightlife

The tour of India’s fairs and festivals involves a wide array of states in India where every state has a wide variety of entertainment options that are sure to keep you occupied with excitement and exhilaration.

To start with, cultural nights in Rajasthan are a tourist favourite where you can try your hands on authentic variety of Rajasthani cuisine and listen to enriching folk music. The pub and dance culture isn’t much to the disappointment of some but is a minor glitch against that feeling of looking out of a lakeside window from a royal palace while listening to some of the most alluring folk music and dance.

South India states are a little quieter when compared to the nightlife scene in other states in this category. However, the cultural events and frequent classical music and dance performances keep up the entertainment quotient of these states by all standards.

New Delhi is not just the Capital of India but is the centre of all hip and happening by all means. The city boasts of a culture that is ultra modern but traditional in its roots and has all sorts of entertainment activities to keep you on your toes while here. Gay events, parties and special nights are few of the perks you get of being in one of the India’s most posh cities. The city hosts frequent painting exhibitions and film festivals for avid art lovers and has endless number of popular markets and swanky malls to buy almost all national/international brands and make you feel like home.

Same goes for Mumbai, the Capital of Maharashtra and the ultimate city of dreams in India. Maharashtra’s culture comprises of a lot of music, dance, nautankis (street theatre) and much more. Rejuvenate yourself at a high-end spa or take a Bollywood tour and see the bling of Indian film industry for yourself. Mumbai is home to several gay events and parties from time to time which are an absolute must-attend for any traveller.

Other Attractions

Forts and Palaces (Rajasthan)
Backwaters (Kerala)
Trekking (Ladakh)
Water sports (Goa)
Elephant Ride (Rajasthan)

South Indian cuisine (covers three different cuisines, most popular include dosa, uttapam, idli and fish based dishes)
Gujarati cuisine (Dhokla, Khandvi, Gujarati Kadhi, Khaman Kakdi, Khaman, Dal Parantha)
Rajasthani cuisine (Dal-bati, Besan Chakki, Mawa Kachori, Gatta ki sabji, papad)
Arunachal Pradesh cuisine (Wungwut Ngam, Dung Po, Pasa, Ngatok)

Luxury meter

These fairs are usually associated with the season they are celebrated in; and attract large crowds from across the country and abroad. The best way to ensure comfort and luxury would be to book your hotels in advance since most of the hotels are fully occupied week before the fair. Also, since these fairs are held in open, be open to enjoy a luxury of different kind and roam around under the sun to see vibrant, new atmosphere never seen before.

Gay-friendly quotient

These festivals are high on song, music and lots of people having a fun time together while showing their cultural roots. The ambience is lovely and perfectly safe for gay tourists to soak themselves in Indian culture with their partner or group of friends. Just ensure you don’t indulge in too much of public display of affection (PDA) when in crowded areas.

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