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The adventure tour in India is a trip meant to rush up your adrenaline and get you into fuss-free excitement you rarely get to experience in your hectic city life. As you embark upon this journey, prepare yourself for some of the most mind-boggling adventure as you skate your way in skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, trout fishing to gliding away in beaches with parasailing, surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving and the likes.

The tour covers diverse regions of the country starting from North of India to the West to all the way to down south. These adventure sports and activities often come with refreshing beaches and breathtakingly beautiful hilly areas which adorn the region for tourist attraction. It’s like a match made in heaven with exciting adventures with relaxing scenic spots.

Andaman & Nicobar, Goa, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir


Scuba Diving, Beaches, Snorkelling, Surfing, Toy train to Shimla, Houseboats, Trekking, Hill Stations, Wild Water Rafting, Parasailing, Trout Fishing, Paragliding, Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating, Mountain Cycling, Bungee Jumping, Jeep Safaris, Air Surfing, Sky Diving, Hot Air Balloon

Entertainment and Nightlife

Talking about the hilly regions in this tour, these are known for their amazing, out-of-the-usual entertainment options which are a refreshing break from the city life. Although the pub culture is also gaining grounds here slowly with increasing tourist attention, most of the tourists still prefer to explore the novel options such as adventurous sports, relaxed walk to a village, listening to live music, trekking or camping.

Coming to the beaches and water sports areas, nightlife forms an important part of the vacation here and it is only once you are here, that you can see why. Places like Goa and Andaman offer exciting nightlife with various events, festivals and parties happening every other night. Campfire sessions and live music is another specialty of these places.

Other Attractions

Ross Island (Andaman & Nicobar)
Cellular Jail National Memorial (Andaman & Nicobar)
Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park (Andaman & Nicobar)


Himachali cuisine (Kaali Dal, Chana Madra, Masala Fried Okra, Auriya Kadoo)
Uttarakhand cuisine (Bhang ki Chutney, Gahat ki Dal, Mandua Chapati, Urad Dal ke Pakore, Til ki Chutney)
Tibetain cuisine (Thukpa, Tsam Thuk, Shab Tra, Sha Phaley)

Luxury meter

While the water sports and hill adventure activities make you sweat it out to its best, the resorts and hotels in these locations surely know how to make up for it in the most luxurious fashion. The luxurious suites are equipped with all latest amenities and the staff takes care of you 24*7.

Many of these locations also have spa and yoga centres which add a perfect rejuvenating touch to your vacation.

Gay-friendly quotient

The adventure tour in India takes you to places that offer a comfort retreat without invading your privacy. Since most of the adventure sports is in hilly regions of the country, the locals here are friendly and non-interfering and certain regions in these states have significant foreign population as many travellers from the west come for long stays or on backpack trip to these stations, making it a small blissful place with familiar surroundings.

The water sports, on the other side, offer a relaxed and merry-making atmosphere where whether you’re alone or in a big group, you are bound to have a good time!

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